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Dedicated towards Hearing and Speech Conservations since 18 years and counting...

About Her

  • Graduated from T.N Medical College and B.Y.L Nair Hospital in 2002.
  • Holds Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology.
  • Audiology is the science which deals in Diagnosis and Treatment (Rehabilitation) of hearing disorders in children and adults.
  • Speech Language Pathology is the Science which participates in the curing of Speech and Language disorders in children as well as in adults.
  • Over the period of 15 years, She has achieved the best amalgam – As an ART & SCIENCE of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology.
  • Spirituality begins where the science ends. She believes in healing her patients on the basis of practical knowledge, an artistic touch and also on the essence of Spirituality.
  • Open a PDF file Autism Speech Development-An insight for parents.

Open a PDF file Autism Speech Development-An insight for parents.

Her Mentor

The real and the most essential principles of mastering this art of curing & healing were taught to her by her dearest father, Dr. Anirudha Dhairyadhar Joshi and Her most loving mother, Dr. Nanda Anirudha Joshi! Without their knowledge and helping hand, it was beyond impossible for her to understand Audiology and Speech Language Pathology and also to go about how to implement the core principles of this unique branch of aesthetics.

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Mayuri Ramdasi has worked towards enriching the lives of lots of families who have had a case of autism in them. She believes that autism is a headlong race between the patient's speech outcome and his understanding ability. Through her personalised speech and developmental programmes, she has not only brought with herself a ray of hope to the parents having an autistic child but has also helped form a stronger relationship of the child with his mom and dad. To her, nothing else matters more than the satisfaction a mother receives when she's assured that yes, her child understands her and is going to emerge as a winner in the near future.”

The above paragraph highlights the gravity this case holds in my eyes. In the past 18 years of my practice as a speech therapist, I have come across many autistic cases. In my journey so far, I was introduced to problems faced not only by an autistic child but also by his guardians, parents and especially by his mother. After thorough research and experience in the field, I have come to a conclusion that in order to treat autism from its very roots, our prime focus shouldn’t be the host, that is the autistic child but instead, his mother. At times, due to continuous stress and competition, the mother gradually turns more inflicted and diseased than the child himself. Under such circumstances, she is not able to heal herself as well as her child. So it is of due importance to give mother the needed therapy first and then shift our focus to the actual autistic case. Thus as one might cleverly quote, this technique isn’t any different than hitting two birds with one stone. You cure the mother first, and consider that the child is halfway cured already.

Salient Features of ARULA

  1. ARULA is based on the binding energy between a mother and the child.
  2. Every mother of an autistic child wants her child to be as normal as possible. She wants her child to speak. ARULA promises every mother a well developed child with better communication.
  3. The functioning platform of ARULA is depending on one fact that every child with autism has a right to communicate, socialize verbally and to overcome his/her negative behaviours.
  4. I firmly believe that any autistic child shouldn’t be labelled as a patient. This is because he is not the true patient for a matter of fact. Hence I don’t consider the child as a patient at all. I see a patient within the mother of an autistic child. And I treat the mother first so that her child can grow as ‘normal’ as possible.
  5. ARULA focuses on the following areas:
    • Speech and Language
    • Social Communication
    • Self dependence
    • Overcoming negative behaviours
  6. Design of ARULA
    ARULA is in the form of 21-day programme. It is a 3 week programme including various activities and therapy sessions.
    • ARULA is in form of a video clips so that the activities can be portrayed very efficiently through actual demonstrations that I would be performing myself.
    • Being a three week-long programme, ARULA would comprise of 21 video clips for the 21 days.
    • There will be one video clip per day having one activity which has to be carried out by the mother herself.
    • Mother is expected to follow the activities recommended by ARULA every day.
    • ARULA has to be carried out throughout the span of three weeks.
    • ARULA guarantees good results in the form of insights in the mother so as to understand on how to work on her child.

ARULA FOR AUTISM (The Orientation)

Charge of the programme 'ARULA, The Orientation' belonging to 'ARULA for Autism' Series




    • 1. Visit www.mayuriramdasi.com
    • 2. In the menu, go to ‘ARULA for Autism’ page.
    • 3. Register yourself.
    • 4. As soon as you register yourself, you will receive an email with confirmation link.
    • 5. Click on the link. (Thus, your identity gets confirmed)
    • 6. After confirming your identity, you will be sent the bank details via mail. (in maximum 24 hours)
    • 5. Please Note: Payment has to be made online.
    • 7. Your account would be activated within 24 hours of receiving the payment.
    • 8. Once your account is activated, you will receive your username and password via email.
    • 9. You must log in to the website using the username and password given to you.
    • 10. ‘ARULA for Autism’ program is thus made available to you.

To understand the registration process via video click the below link

Step by step registration process video link: YouTube Link

Click the below button to Register


“Be your child’s own THERAPIST!”
  1. Mayuri Ramdasi conducts ‘ARULA TUTORIALS’ for mothers who have completed the 21-ARULA for Autism Orientation Program.
  2. This is NEXT STEP after ARULA for Autism- Orientation Program. (21-Day Online Pre-Recorded Sessions Program)
  3. This next step (ARULA Tutorials) one- year long program.
  4. ARULA Tutorials focuses on:
    • Speech, language and communication developments.
    • Improving Listening Skills.
    • Improving Socialization Skills.
    • Overcoming Behavioral Issues.
    Understanding Autism. Activities for everyday execution.
    Concept Building. Use of Household Articles.
    Case Discussions. Facilitating active as well as passive participation of the child.
    Understanding communicational needs of the child. Practical efforts to make mother “Self-Sufficient” for her child.
    Building up the identity of-ARULA MOM!
  6. Eligibility: Mothers who have successfully completed the 21-Day ARULA for Autism Orientation Program are eligible for ARULA Tutorials.
  7. ARULA Tutorials are conducted in the form of online live zoom sessions by Mayuri Ramdasi.
  8. Charges- USD 270 to be paid on monthly basis.
  9. Days and Timings:
    Monday to Friday- 6 PM to 7 PM IST. Saturday & Sunday – Rest days.


  1. Mothers can now avail the personal consultations with Mayuri Ramdasi via the channel of ARULA for Autism- One-to-One Consultations.
  2. In this 30-minutes long consultation, Mayuri Ramdasi will deliver her expertise on the very specifics of the case of your child.
  3. Mothers may ask questions, clear their doubts, and even discuss their child’s diagnosis with Mayuri Ramdasi.
  4. Eligibility: All the mothers who are undergoing ARULA for Autism- TUTORIALS are eligible for one-to-one online consultations with Mayuri Ramdasi.
  5. Charges- USD 90 per session.


  • PDF Article Sections... Will be uploaded soon.

Aurula For Autism Chart


Dr.Mayuri Ramdasi is a very dedicated and professional speech therapist. my son is 3.5 years old and am so much worried about him I realised that something is wrong with him in terms of speech and behaviour. one day I saw Dr.Mayuri video in YouTube channel which was very informative and whatever she told in video I used the same technique with my son and it is actually working for him then immediately I contacted her from there my journey started with Dr.Mayuri.initially We started with 21days orientation program.the very first important thing which am trying from so many days which is not happening was happens i .e, Interaction between myself and my son started increasing and-another big challenging issue is sitting tolerance that is also now started increasing now he will sit and follow my instructions.the other day while doing activity he is looking at me and smiling am so happy with it.the 21 videos are really amazing and I have seen drastic change in my son.I really say thank you and appreciate Dr.Mayuri efforts for making such useful videos to help kids and moms who are dealing with issues.now I started taking therapy from her for past few months I strongly believe
That with the help of Dr.Mayuri I will see much more improvement in my son.

Mrs Swati From Singapore.

Diagnosis: ASD- Autism

Dr. Mayuri is a dedicated, approachable and incredibly professional Speech and Language Therapist. She is thorough with her work and always puts the child's best interests first. She is very friendly, sweet, and gentle and had a wonderful way to talk to me & to my daughter and explain what she needed to do/say, and she gave her fun activities to practice. Very impressed with her work and the results! I couldn't recommend her enough - she's incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. I would definitely recommend her amazing service.

Laigy George, mom of IshaRamamoorthi (Diagnosis: ASD- Autism) From England, UK.

Diagnosis: ASD- Autism

After trying everywhere for almost 03 years fortunately I came to know about Dr. Mayuri Ramdasi and since then i.e. almost nine months i have seen lot of positive changes in my son.

Ashwin M. Gayakwad, Parent of a child

Diagnosis: Speech Related Disorder

Listen & Speak Speech Therapy Clinic

Speech Therapy clinic. That deals in various speech language disorders in children. Speech Disorders associated with:

  1. Hearing Impairment.
  2. Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
  3. Auditory Processing Disorders.
  4. Pervasive Development Disorders.
  5. Developmental Verbal Apraxia.
  6. Expressive Language Disorders.
  7. Mental Retardation.
  8. Language delay caused by psychological or emotional disturbance.
Monday to Friday : 12:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Saturday : 12:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Sunday : Call For An Appointment

Ramdasi Hearing Services

  • Exclusive Dealer of SIEMENS Hearing Instruments
  • Offers wide range of digital Hearing Aid Technology
  • Ramdasi Hearing Services offers its franchise to the interested business partners
  • Working in following Areas of Audiology
    • Preventive and conservation of Hearing in all age groups
    • Diagnosis of Hearing loss, in all age groups
    • Hearing Aid fitting and Rehabilitation in all age groups RAMDASI HEARING SERVICES offers Home Visit Facility to test & treat “Senior Citizens” with hearing problems. RAMDASI HEARING SERVICES is Caring and Curing patients with Hearing loss with compassion and Patience.

Vaacha Stammering

A program that helps individuals to overcome ‘stammering’. Mayuri Ramdasi believes in strong psychological basis for stammering. Stammering has got its root in the early childhood. Therefore, she calls it - The disorder of the heart. Here, heart represents the emotional and psychological status of one’s personality. This needs to be treated with the weapons of love, compassion and care. This, is an individual’s battle against stammering that is to be fought with truth, love and eternal happiness.
“Self Confidence is the Key to Success”

Para For Voice

The pathological and the professional voice care.

  • Treatment of voice disorders caused due to vocal nodules, vocal and palsy, etc.
  • Puberphuria- males having feminine quality high pitched voice.
  • Voice culture and care for professional voice users such as singers, teachers, Speakers.
  • Demonstration and Establishment of correct pitch (fundamental pitch) to avoid wrong voice practices.
    “The voice reflects one’s soul. Para helps individuals to achieve soulful voice."

Aarambh For Speech Loss Due To Neurological Disorders

A speech Therapy program for individuals who have lost their speech due to neurological disorders. The speech therapy is given to following speech disorders caused due to neurological involvement.

  • Aphasia - loss of language & speech.
  • Apraxia of Speech- Articulation problem
  • Dysarthria- Distorted Speech
  • Aphonia- loss of voice.


Dr. Mayuri is a dedicated, approachable and incredibly professional Speech and Language Therapist. She is thorough with her work and always puts the child's best interests first. She is very friendly, sweet, and gentle and had a wonderful way to talk to me & to my daughter and explain what she needed to do/say, and she gave her fun activities to practice. Very impressed with her work and the results! I couldn't recommend her enough - she's incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. I would definitely recommend her amazing service.

Laigy George, mom of IshaRamamoorthi (Diagnosis: ASD- Autism) From England, UK.

Diagnosis: ASD- Autism

After trying everywhere for almost 03 years fortunately I came to know about Dr. Mayuri Ramdasi and since then i.e. almost nine months i have seen lot of positive changes in my son.

Ashwin M. Gayakwad, Parent of a child

Diagnosis: Speech Related Disorder

When Neevan was 2 years and 9 months old, we noticed his inability to hear properly. We were so depressed to know that.
We first took the option of a doctor at Lilavati Hospital. According to his suggestion, we got the hearing aid and started the speech therapy. After 2 months of therapy, we took speech therapy from doctor at Navi Mumbai for one year.
After this one year, Neevan could speak only about 66 words. That doctor suggested to put Neevan at a special school. It was very depressing suggestion. After that, we discontinued that doctor’s speech therapy.
Then we started looking for a reliable and experienced therapist. After some googling, we came to know about Dr Mayuri Ramdasi. The reviews about the doctor were also very good. We went to her clinic for enquiry and started the process.
After one month of therapy, we found that whatever Neevan had learnt in last one year, he learnt that in one month itself.
On suggestion of Dr Mayuri, we bought a new hearing aid and started speech therapy sessions 2hours daily, 5 days a week. During the session, we used to sit with the doctor and learn how to teach kid at home. We made our kid do the homework regularly.
Today after one year of speech therapy, he can speak lot of words. He can also make and speak complex sentences. By looking at his progress, we believe that our son will also speak like normal kids.
Now, Dr Mayuri is focusing on his word clearances.

Thanks to Dr Mayuri for her great efforts.

Anita Ramjiyani & Dhiraj Ramjiyani(Parents of Neevan)

Diagnosis: Hearing Impairment

We have seen a drastic change in Araina’s speech, she is now able to communicate clearly for all her needs and wants; and is vocal about her likes and dislikes; (she) argues with us too. We are happy with how it (Mayuri Ramdasi’s speech therapy) has made her a confident child.

Priti Patil (Mother of Araina)

Diagnosis: Autism

I approached Dr Mayuri to address the speech issue of my younger son. He was 2 and a half years old and we realized that there were some concerns regarding his speech as his vocabulary was very less for a two-and-a-half-year-old kids. The most important aspect for which I decided to go ahead with Dr Mayuri was the fact that she believed in and practice the mother centric approach for addressing the speech issue of my child. She completely understands the behavioural aspects of children and help the parents especially the mother to help work around it and help the child to address his/her speech issues. All the sessions for my child were done with only me and that was very beneficial and the right way to approach the problem as it helped us to address his speech concerns in a right and focused way and also as a mother helped me to build a very strong bond with my child on all the fronts.
She has very innovative and creative ways to ensure that you as a parent are enhancing the total development of your child on all aspects be it speech, listening skills and communication skills. She encouraged me to read to my child on regular basis and I am immensely thankful for her for the same as even today after 3 years we have continued the same and could see the huge advantage that it has given to my child in terms of his enhanced vocabulary , his communication and reading skills.
Dr Mayuri is a very dedicated therapist ,passionate about her work and her desire to help children to address their concerns through their mother .Her objective on focusing on the overall development of the child really helps you in long run and you can clearly start seeing the progress and the positive changes in your child .Dr Mayuri strongly supports and believes in providing the right guidance to mothers , helping them with the right tools to work with their children and assisting them to understand the behavioural aspect of their child in totality which in turn as parents helps us to work constructively with our child.

Prajakta Kadam (Mother of Arjun)

Diagnosis: ADHD

I am so thankful for all the support and help for my daughters in the last 3 years.
My daughters had a speech delay. I have seen so much improvement with their communication and behavior as a result of speech therapy.


Diagnosis: Down's syndrome

Our lives came to a standstill due to the lockdown that was announced due to the rising cases of covid in the state and we had to stop going for my child's therapy due to covid.i was really worried about his progress and sudden halt in the learning process.i was browsing through the net looking for some online program for him and there I came across ARULA FOR AUTISM 21 days program.This program not only engaged my child in different activities,learning different concepts being a part of it..but also helped me n my child bond with each other..this program helped me gain confidence as a mother and as the best person who could help my child. Mayuri mam constantly enpowers a mother and makes sure that we know our true potentials. Thank you mam for helping mothers like us and being so understanding about the feelings that we are going through.

S. Sood, Mother from Amritsar

Diagnosis: Autism

According to me, the ARULA therapy by Ms. Mayuri Ramdasi is totally different and very much effective for both parents and children. I found it very very much helpful to understand what my 10 years old boy needs. We all love our children but often a times don’t understand what is the correct way of showing that love to them. In her therapy Mayuri Ramdasi Ma’am shows how to express our love to our child in the most perfect manner by various illustrations and examples. I found this way of therapy for my boy very fruitful because he was able to listen and comprehend my instructions very precisely and patiently. Now, I can very well see the beginning of best speech results in him.
Moreover the chanting of slok (holy verse) of Adi Mata (Mother Goddess Of Hindus- Adi Mata) gives us, the parents, lots of mental strength. I pray to God, that everyone in need makes use of this wonderful therapy for their children so that their children get the needed help and prosper the way my boy is doing. All thanks to Mayuri Ma’am.

Madhobi (Mother of Aaradhya)

Diagnosis: Autism


Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions to be kept in mind by all who wish to seek for professional help from Ms. Mayuri Ramdasi:

  • All the sessions of speech therapy are strictly online and would be held over any of the given platforms: Google Duo, Zoom Call, Google Meet or WhatsApp Video Call.
  • No consultation or expertise would be shared without the prior booking of an appointment for the same.
  • Appointment date and time, if once decided, is subjected to the sudden changes due to unavoidable reasons either from the professional’s side or the patient’s side.
  • Appointment can be booked only with prior payment for the same.
  • All the price and cost quotations for every mode of speech therapy execution are completely pre-determined, non-negotiable and non-refundable under all circumstances.
  • The parents of the autistic children have to comply completely with the instructions and therapy techniques delivered by Ms. Mayuri Ramdasi in her sessions for the best possible outcomes.

Contact Us

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